About JJ's Sweets

Hi, I’m JJ and I started JJ’s Sweets in 2010 at my local Farmers Market in Boulder Colorado.

The idea for this company came to me in a literal dream I had one night in 2009 (yeah, I know pretty silly). In the dream, I witnessed this kooky Willy Wonka-like candy man creating innovative new candies that were not only delicious but also healthier for our bodies and containing some functional benefits. They were also unique in their flavors, drawing on old recipes but infused with a modern sense of global adventurousness.

Inspired by this dream, I began experimenting with making delicious, natural sweets made from sustainably sourced, organic, healthier ingredients. Having been interested in cooking from an early age, and later being an earth scientist, professional musician and always a foodie, I soon found that the art of candy making was a perfect combination of my passions: science + art + food = candy making and bringing people moments of Joy! Done, JJ’s Sweets was born.

I started my cooking career at an early age

What started as a candy stand at Boulder’s local farmer’s market has since grown into a thriving natural candy brand, with Cocomels occupying shelf space in more than 4,000 retailers around the country. In 2014, JJ’s Sweets further expanded our reach in the natural candy market with a line of Chocolate Covered Cocomels®, in 2017 with our Cocomel Bites and in 2019 with our Coconut Sugar Cocomels.  

Despite our growth, the cornerstone of my company remains rooted in my original dream to develop delicious, innovative treats that bring moments of Joy without sacrificing the health of my customers or the planet. This drives everything from the ingredients we source, to how we run our day to day operations.

The JJ's Sweets Team in 2018

Every JJ’s Sweets concoction is a mix of divine inspiration, creativity, love, attention to detail and hard work. I feel lucky to find myself in the admirable position of offering to the world little bits of edible joy. We take pride in our products and stand behind what we do. Please contact us with any feedback you might have. We love to hear from you.

Please enjoy, and remember, “Life is Sweet!”

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