10 Places Our Fans Display (or Hide!) Their Cocomels 


Candy is for sharing, right? We asked our Facebook fans where they like to display their candy bowls. We were a little surprised at how many people aren't really into sharing their candy and they have some unique places to keep it so no one knows where to find it. Of course, others of our fans choose to keep their candy out in the wide open for all to eat.

We've collected the top 10 answers to give you some ideas of your own.

  • "Love to have a candy dish right at the front door to welcome guests or send them off with a special treat!!" Karen D. 

  • "I like it hidden in a drawer and share with no one ... If we're going to be honest here." Eugenia H.

  • "I enjoy sharing delicious treats with my friends. So, I guess my purse is my candy bowl. You can always can find a treat in there." Kathryn S.
  • "My favorite place to display a candy bowl is under my pillow... where no one else can find it." Callie M.

  • "I have a large Tiffany glass bowl (it was a wedding present many, many years ago) that I keep in my family room, and it's always filled with yummy things." Joan M.

  • "I have a pretty glass pumpkin candy jar that I keep out all year long." Brenda M.

  • "I have a candy bowl on our side table in our family room. The treats in it are devoured by all who stop over." Patti K. 

  • "I store my Cocomels anywhere my kids can't reach it (means more for me)!" Kristen C. 

  • "The den! It's where everyone sits when I have company so they can all get a sweet treat." Ashley L. 

  • "I like a candy bowl on my bar in the kitchen. It's too high for the kids to see it, so my husband and I only share when we want to." Amy S.

JJ's Sweets wants to know - What do you prefer - hiding or sharing your Cocomels?

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