Cocomels at the Fancy Food Show

JJ’s Sweets to Present Cocomels, the Original, Artisan-Crafted Coconut Milk Caramel, with New Packaging and Expanded Product Offering at Fancy Food Show.

JJ’s Sweets presents its expanded product offering of Cocomels, the original, artisancrafted, coconut milk caramel—in a newly-designed, "flagship" box—filled with rich, smooth and creamy caramel confections that are always gluten free, dairy free, GMO free and vegan. JJ’s Sweets will launch the newest offering at the Fancy Food Show in Washington, DC. Visit the company at the Buyer’s Best Friend Booth #229.

Dairy-free, caramel confectioner JJ’s Sweets is bringing its newest collection of hand-made, coconut milk treats, Cocomels – featuring a new look and an expanded product line – to the Fancy Foods Summer Show in Washington, DC. "We are extremely excited to exhibit at the 2012 Fancy Food Summer Show and feature our delicious, dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO caramels," said JJ Rademaekers, Chief Candyman and Founder of JJ’s Sweets. "In anticipation of the show, we’ve expanded our product line to include an appealing new look and product offerings from Cocomels, the Original Coconut Milk Caramels. With our new ‘flagship’ box design plus a more convenient, grab and go ‘Pocket Pack’ size, as well as our original single Cocomels in display jars, the distinctive Cocomels package stands out on the shelf, as well as the countertop," added Rademaekers.

The Fancy Foods Summer Show, held June 17-19, 2012, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC, is North America’s largest specialty food and beverage trade exhibition, attracting more than 2,400 exhibitors from 80 countries and regions. The Show will include more than 180,000 products including confections, cheese, coffee, snacks, spices, ethnic, natural and organic foods. JJ’s Sweets will sample its Cocomels caramels at the Buyer’s Best Friend Booth #229 at the show.

"Also, we look forward to featuring the newest Cocomels product selection, available in four flavors, including: Original, Sea Salt, Vanilla, and Java (made with organic espresso beans)," said Rademaekers. "Cocomels are hand-crafted in Boulder, Colorado, using only the finest, sustainably sourced, premium ingredients and organic sweeteners. Cocomels also are healthier than regular caramels thanks to the many benefits of coconut oil rather than dairy fat. Cocomels are vegan, gluten free, and corn and soy free. We hope you’ll visit our booth and try this new, award-winning take on caramel decadence!"

The company continues to capitalize on the growing U.S. market for specialty candy, including natural and artisanmade candy, reports Specialty Food Magazine in its Candy Forecast 2012.

"The biggest trend in candy is heading toward more natural, less manufactured confections," says Kara Nielsen, a trendologist at the Center for Culinary Development in San Francisco. "Artisan candy producers are re-creating recipes for classic candies with great care and lovely packaging," she adds.

JJ’s Sweets is positioned to springboard this launch off the company’s success at the 2012 Fancy Food Winter Show last January and the growing popularity of coconut products. Cocomels were featured as one of the top 14 confections at the show by the editor of CandyBlog, who reported, "I’ve had a few vegan caramels over the years and they kind of violate the essential definition of caramel in the first place, so it’s hard for me to appreciate them. JJ Rademakers has created something that gets so close and is such a good product in its own right. His JJ’s Cocomels are made with coconut milk instead of butter and cream. They’re fully emulsified and smooth but with strong caramelized sugar notes. Looks like a great option for both vegans and those sensitive to dairy."

The Cocomels brand relaunch includes an updated logo, new package design, new product offerings, and sizes. In addition to capitalizing on healthy and nostalgic candy trends, the branding offers enhanced shelf appeal to grab customer’s attention and capture additional consumer price points.

Cocomels are now available in all four flavors with approximately 12 caramels in each "flagship" box, as well as the new 5-caramel Pocket Packs, which are a perfect size and price point for customers on the go. In addition, Cocomels are available for sale as singles in beautiful glass jar displays, custom-made for coffee shops, cafes, juice bars and retail or foodservice counters. For chocolate lovers, Cocomels singles are available covered in premium Fair Trade organic dark chocolate for an unparalleled caramel experience.

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