Introducing the NEW Coconut Sugar Cocomels!

I’m very proud to announce we are launching our new Coconut Sugar Cocomels this month.  These are exciting and unique because this new line is the first non-dairy, no grain & no cane sugar caramels ever created – and they just might be the best tasting Cocomels yet, seriously!  Diehard fans may remember our Coconut Sugar Cocomels from 2016 (we won an award for that), but we weren't able to produce those at scale.  Now we can!!!  Try them here.

Many of you told us you're avoiding cane sugar and grains, so we decided - Coconut Sugar Cocomels will be made without cane sugar or brown rice syrup.  We used coconut sugar and tapioca syrup instead. These “No Cane, No Grain™” Cocomels have only 2g of sugar per piece, are deep and rich in flavor. Plus, they naturally feature the wonderful benefits of coconut sugar. In addition to being one of the most sustainably grown natural sweeteners in the world, coconut sugar is high in essential minerals with a lower glycemic index.  

If you've never tried coconut sugar, it has a similar richness to brown sugar but rather than coming from cane sugar stalks it's made from the nectar of a coconut palm flower.  The image below shows granulated coconut sugar.

 My friend Ben Ripple, the founder of Big Tree Farms in Bali, made this video where he talks about coconut sugar, it’s history and how it is harvested:
At Cocomels we focus on making mind-blowingly delicious treats that are natural, organic, vegan and really expand the possibilities of what a caramel can be.  With Coconut Sugar Cocomels we keep it real with natural sweeteners and use as few ingredients as possible to deliver on our promise of bliss.  We’re proud of the newest member in our Cocomel family, as well as the fruits of our effort to keep our surprising caramel innovations coming at you. 
We hope these Cocomels make you happy, too!


Founder & Inventor of Cocomels


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