Dairy Free Chocolate

Looking for a little advice on which dairy-free candies and snacks to add to your grocery list? Whether you have a severe milk allergy or just want to experience the improved health and vitality that come with a dairy-free lifestyle, it’s never been easier to find dairy-free foods that match your tastes and preferences.

When you’re craving the rich sweetness and snackability of dairy-free chocolate — with no artificial extras and additives — Cocomels has you covered!

Whether you need just a few bites to satisfy your sweet tooth or you’re a foodie craving the perfect contrast of sweet and savory or creamy-meets-crunchy, you'll find just what you're looking for with our snackable, dairy-free coconut milk caramels. Just check out Cocomels' reviews!

Why go dairy-free?

Right now there are more options for great-tasting dairy-free chocolates, caramels and snacks than ever before. 

Not sure if dairy-free is for you? Explore the Top Ten Reasons to Go Dairy Free. Many people report better digestion, clearer skin, and even improvements in migraines after cutting dairy out of their diet.

Even better, dairy-free dark chocolate offers an instant injection of sweetness along with some pretty amazing health benefits. Research shows it’s full of immune-boosting and mood-elevating antioxidants and that it can improve your energy levels. So go ahead and eat your dessert too!

Dairy Free Chocolate

Sometimes a nibble or two is all you need to get your chocolate fix. That’s why we created Cocomels Dairy-Free Chocolate Bites. Available in a variety of mouth-watering flavor profiles, it’s easy to find one you love. (But if we’re being honest, you might have a hard time choosing just one.)

Dairy-free chocolates and snacks

If you prefer your dairy-free snacks with a crunch, check out Cocomels Dairy-Free Chocolate Crispy Bites. Featuring a chewy coconut milk caramel center rolled in a thick coat of of rich 60% dark chocolate and crisped quinoa. These bite-sized beauties are jam-packed with awesome. 

Can’t decide whether you’re a chocolate person or a vanilla person? Don’t worry — Cocomels Vanilla Bites won’t make you pick sides. Enjoy these 60% dark chocolate-covered Madagascar vanilla-infused creamy coconut milk caramels whenever you need some sweetness in your life.

If you like some savory with your sweet, Cocomels Sea Salt Bites are right up your alley. Inside is a velvety, sea salt coconut milk caramel. On the outside is a 60% dark chocolate shell. 

More dairy-free snacks

Whether you’re trying to satisfy a specific craving or the picky eater in your family, there’s bound to be a dairy-free snack that fits the bill.

Dairy-free yogurt

Needing your yogurt fix? Taste test a few of our favorite dairy-free brands:

Dairy-free cheese

If your kid (or your inner child) is begging for a cheese stick, Daiya has you covered whether you feel like cheddar or mozzarella (or both!) These plant-based, dairy-free cheese sticks are a healthy option for school lunches or anywhere your on-the-go lifestyle takes you.

Dairy-free ice-cream

There’s a reason there have been so many new dairy free ice cream alternatives popping up - people have been clamoring for them!  Name a better treat to help you cool off on a hot summer day.  Some of our favorites include:

For an extra special treat, melt some of our sea salt coconut milk caramels and drizzle on top for a deliciously diary free topping!

Everything You Want — Nothing You Don’t

You can enjoy all of Cocomels’ dairy-free chocolates without ever having to wonder what’s in them — and what’s not. If it has our name on it, you can rest assured there won’t ever be milk (or any other sneaky dairy product) inside. We always use coconut milk instead of dairy milk.

We have rigorous processes in place to protect you from allergens like dairy, gluten, egg, peanuts, and tree nuts. Our allergen cleanse protocol and testing is implemented between the production cycles of our products and other products which may contain allergens. This process reduces the potential for cross contamination on production machinery.

And don’t worry, you’ll be able to pronounce every item on the ingredient list (we promise). Not only are they free of common allergens, our products never include GMO’s, cholesterol, corn syrup, or shiny glazes. We don’t need any of that to taste good.

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