Do Cocomels have a Super Power?

Allergen-Free Organic Caramels To The Rescue

I was once asked, “If Cocomels could save the world, how would they do it?  What is their Super Power?”  I imagined this scenario:

A human in trouble:  “HELP!  Life is so complicated…  So much to do, so many stimuli,  so    many     conflicting     messages!  I barely know who I am anymore.  Plus, I lost my keys.  I just need a moment for myself that will remind me how beautiful life is and how simple it can be.”

Cocomel: “Hello, I heard a call for help, I’m here to save the world!  You know you have the power within you to find peace and your keys.  You just need to know how to find it.”

“But, how can I?  I didn’t know I had some… power.”

“Try this Cocomel, it will take the craziness away and put you in, “the moment” so you can better look within yourself.”

“But it’s candy, isn’t it bad for me?”

“It’s simple, natural, allergen-free and made with high quality, real ingredients, and if you order now, you get these handy paring knives.”

“But it’s just candy?!”

“Yes, but it can transport you away from the madness.  It is an experience of such deliciousness, a mouthgasm of epic proportions (yes, a mouthgasm, Cocomel’s super power - an odd word, granted) that forces you out of your head and closer to your true nature, and… ENLIGHTENMENT.”


Our citizen hero: “Thank you Cocomel!  After I tried this deliciousness in the form of a vegan caramel, I had an amazing experience.  Thanks to your super power, I lost myself in a unique and sensorial journey of pleasure… and when I ‘came back,’ I had taken a deep breath, gotten grounded and was reminded of what life is all about.  I’m now more connected to my true self and the real meaning of it all. It’s. All. So. Simple.  Who needs keys anyway?”

The Moral:  If everyone could just take a moment occasionally, as our hero did, to look deeply within themselves and forget the doctrine and conflicting messages we’re exposed to, the world may find itself a better place, covered in WORLD PEACE like a rich Cocomel sauce.

That’s how Cocomels can save the world.



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