Wax On, Cocomel Off: Why we decided to switch to wax paper wrappers

You get the box, and with a voracious rip and shred, you get through to the pieces and start to unwrap one, and…. The Cocomel is really stuck to the wrapper! Argh! I hate that.

It happens more in the summer and you CAN chill them to counter the effect.

It happens sometimes when our Brown Rice Syrup supplier gives us an altered batch – stickier.

It happens when they are in your pocket.

This has been a bad summer for Cocomels sticking to the wrapper, and in light of this we have officially decided to switch to wax paper wrappers on our Cocomels. Here are the benefits we expect from this transition:
  • Fewer wrapper sticking issues! Wax paper is less adherent than cello, and stronger, so we will see a major improvement here. It will almost always be easy to open and get at your Cocomels.
  • Better “dead fold.” That means when the ends are twisted shut, they’ll stay twisted shut. This will mean fewer Cocomels that ooze out.
  • Better structure. Our pieces will hold their shape better and will be less likely to be crushed in transit.
So, why didn’t we do this sooner? Here is why we had to deliberate for some time over this:
  • The look: Cello is crisp and clear, and we love the color of Cocomels. Having that nice clean window to the product was a big plus for us. It looked more modern and less old timey. People have told us they associate the wax paper with cheaper, lower quality candies.
  • The Environmental Impact: the cello we use is backyard compostable and comes from trees (farmed for the purpose). We are proud of the fact we have been able to minimize the trash and environmental impact that our product creates. This is big for me. Wax paper is compostable, although not as readily, meaning it will break down better in municipal systems than in your backyard. However, wax paper is made with paraffin wax, which comes from petroleum — not great for a company wanting reduce it’s carbon footprint. There is a soybean wax out there, but that comes from GMO soybeans and would not be allowed by our Non GMO certifier.
To conclude, our mission is to deliver bliss to the world. Delicious, smooth and luscious Bliss. When getting at your Cocomels is frustrating, that bliss is more elusive. It is extremely important to me that we support our fans with a delicious product that is also convenient and fun to interact with. A cello wrapper that occasionally sticks to the Cocomels, and can rip when opening, is not fun.

I hope you agree with our decision here. I look forward to hearing your thoughts when you try them.

With great release,


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