Why are Cocomels vegan?

You might be wondering why Cocomels are vegan? The short answer is ... I want it all! Well, what I mean is that I don’t believe you have to compromise between a delicious, mind-blowing, mouthgasm-inducing treat and it being better-for-you and the planet. Sure, it makes it harder to do both – the more natural something is, the more it’s prone to variability, a shorter shelf life and difficulty cooking it in large quantities – but I believe these are challenges worth taking on. Tough at first, but rewarding in the end.

Vegan Caramels

When I was first creating Cocomels, I wanted to create a dairy-free caramel. My body doesn’t like dairy, my heart and mind don’t like the dairy industry and all of me LOVES caramel.  When I discovered that coconut milk made a delicious caramel it struck me:  WOW! This is better than old-fashioned caramel, and it’s vegan! I knew then that I wanted to get this out into the world – people, especially vegans, needed to know about the coconut milk caramel and tell me if I should keep on going.

Well, from early on, my vegan friends were diehard supporters and the response was unanimous – keep going! This fueled my drive to grow and introduce Cocomels to the world.

Today, I’m proud that we are offering many forms of delicious, plant-based, vegan caramels – that most classic of candies and one of the most widely-used ingredients and flavors.

Cocomels are more than just vegan caramels

Cocomels, I’m honored to say:

  • Are now the #1 caramel brand in natural and specialty grocery stores
  • Use no dairy and are even displacing dairy caramel sales at the store
  • Contain all the benefits of coconut
  • Are responsible for none of the environmental impacts of the dairy industry
  • Help prove that vegan food can be delicious, or EVEN BETTER, than non-vegan food
  • Also prove you can make a mind-blowing vegan confection with natural and organic ingredients

I hope you enjoy Cocomels. Please let us know how you feel.

-JJ Rademaekers

Chief Candymaker

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  • Sophie on

    Just tried Cocomels for the first time yesterday and I’m in love. They’re even better than non-vegan caramels! Thank you for making yummy vegan treats!

  • Dian Hardy on

    I’m gonna sing their praises: Deliciously soft and melty in the mouth and then the brain comes in and says Damn! Good for the planet and incredibly delish. And together we look at the bag we’ve just emptied and say: YEH!

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