Cocomels Seasonal Flavors - Cinnamon and Gingerbread

JJ’s Sweets Launches Two NEW Cocomels Seasonal Flavors and Chocolate Covered Cocomels in Grab-and-Go Singles at Natural Products Expo West 2018 Booth #N2129

Boulder, CO  (March 1st, 2018) – JJ’s Sweets, makers of mindfully crafted sweets and The Original Coconut Milk Caramels, announces three new products ahead of Natural Products Expo West.  New products include Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Cocomel Singles, Cinnamon Spice Cocomel Bites and Gingerbread Spice Naked Cocomels.

“Since inception, JJ’s Sweets has been focused on our everyday business,” says Chief Candymaker JJ Rademaekers. “Now, we have Cocomel fans across the country asking for new products. It is time for us to offer unique, limited edition flavors to our customers as new experiences, and to align with the seasons. I love getting back into the creative candyman role and inventing new candies.”

The Seasonal flavors signify growth in the vegan caramel sector and join a line-up of Naked Cocomels, and Chocolate Covered Cocomels.

New Products Include:

Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Cocomel Singles are artisan-made, smooth and creamy coconut milk caramels enrobed in a silky layer of vegan dark chocolate finished with a sprinkle of flake sea salt.  The singles are available in a 35 piece per POP Tub meant to introduce customers to Cocomels at the register.

Cinnamon Spice Cocomel Bites: Smooth and creamy coconut milk caramel with real ground cinnamon and a touch of vanilla, these are rolled Cocomels balls covered in our Organic 60% dark chocolate

“Cocomels are delicious and complex in their own right, once you add chocolate and it is a perfect experience.  How do you improve on perfection?” asks JJ Rademaekers. “Carefully. With Cinnamon Spice we wanted add a flavor to the line-up that was seasonally appropriate for Fall and Winter. We worked to find the right balance to preserve the existing deliciousness of Cocomels.  We put cinnamon and vanilla in the center, and dusted a bit on the outside to help create multiple phases of flavor as you chew through the chocolate into the Cocomel. When you eat them, you'll notice evolving flavors, with the greatest depth coming after a few seconds.”

Gingerbread Spice ‘Naked’ Cocomel: A twist-tied Cocomel infused with real ground ginger and a touch of cinnamon and molasses. This treat harkens back to the days around mom’s oven-baked gingerbread cookies. A little ginger kick gives this Cocomel a gentle flavor boost.

Our ‘Naked’ Cocomels are like a beautiful canvas for new flavor combinations... and boy does ginger taste amazing in Cocomel form!” says JJ. “A little molasses and vanilla really broadens the taste and references our gingerbread inspiration here.  The ginger brings a little kick and the creamy Cocomel allows the flavor to linger and broaden with time. This is a new favorite at the office.”

All Cocomel products are Vegan, Made without dairy or gluten, Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO and Kosher.

The products offered by JJ’s Sweets include: Cocomel Bites, round coconut milk caramels, covered in chocolate and sold in a 3.5oz share-size bag, flavors include Vanilla and Sea Salt and now Cinnamon Spice. Naked Cocomels are twist-tie coconut milk caramels without chocolate. Flavors include Sea Salt, Vanilla, Original, Espresso and now Gingerbread Spice. Chocolate Covered Cocomels come in 2-packs. Flavors include Vanilla, Sea Salt and Espresso. NEW Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Grab-and-Go singles.

Stop by booth #N2129 at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA March 8-11, 2018 for a sample of the new JJ’s Sweets Cocomel products.

Retailers can contact their JJ’s Sweets Cocomels representative for details on product innovations, consumer promotions and shopper insights or email for details.


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