Cocomel Bites Brownies - Recipe!





Good News! - you can make blissful treats WITH our already delicious Cocomels. We have several fans that use Cocomels to make something even more amazing and delicious. And, when they take the time to share it with us...  We are both honored and THRILLED. Deliciousness begets more deliciousness? 

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We want you to know that you can also use these delicious made-without-dairy Cocomels to incorporate in your next sweet treat! Our lovely Cocomel fan Aly (AKA The Vegan Spy), has developed a recipe to make Cocomel Bites Brownies and has shared it with all of us.

These homemade delicious brownies are vegan and have Cocomel Bites folded into the brownie batter. YUM!

Learn how to make them HERE!

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  • sarah on

    I just had the sea salt caramel and finished the whole bag in one day! SO good!! This is my new favorite vegan candy!!

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