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Sugar Free Caramels from Cocomels

Low carb candies and snacks are more popular than ever for keto diet enthusiasts, and anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth with low sugar options. This can be problematic for health-conscious dieters looking to avoid artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohol  and other sugar substitutes.

So, how can you make a sugar free caramel taste as good as a sugar-full caramel? Challenge accepted. That’s why Cocomels is pronounced CAN-DY, not CAN’T-DY.

Cocomels NEW Sugar Free Caramels

Cocomels recently added two keto-friendly, sugar free coconut milk caramels to our lineup. Available in original and sea salt flavors, both have zero grams of sugar and zero net carbs. But best of all, these chewy, decadent caramels are so delicious you won’t believe they’re sugar free! Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels have always been dairy-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free and non-gmo. And none of our products are sweetened with corn syrup or sugar alcohols. That’s just not the way we roll. The sweetness in our new sugar-free caramels comes from all natural Allulose and Monk Fruit.

Sugar Free    Gluten Free    Dairy Free    No Corn Syrup   Keto Friendly   Refined Sugar Free

What is Allulose?

Considered a “rare sugar” Allulose is a natural, plant-based sugar found in jackfruit, raisins, and figs.

Allulose is a sweet, plant-based carbohydrate with the same taste profile as regular cane sugar – but without the calories. Unlike other carbohydrates, allulose is not metabolized. As a result, only a fraction of the calories from allulose are absorbed in the body and it does not impact blood glucose or insulin levels. Additionally, allulose doesn’t have the cooling aftertaste associated with erythritol and stevia.

Allulose is a great plant-based sugar alternative that is keto friendly and works great in hot and cold recipes. It doesn’t raise blood sugar levels and has 1/10th the calories of regular sugar.

Learn more about Allulose here.

Monk Fruit Benefits

Cocomels also uses Monk Fruit as a sweetener. Monk Fruit comes from a small melon native to Southeast Asia, monk fruit is over 100x sweeter than sugar, without the calories. We used monk fruit in addition to allulose in our sugar free caramels to match the taste profile of sugar.

Sources claim the following benefits of Monk Fruit as a sweetener:

  • Isn’t known to raise blood sugar or insulin levels
  • Has no “stevia” or fake sugar after taste
  • Doesn’t lead to bloating or digestive upset
  • Has Anti-inflammatory properties

Allergies to monk fruit are rare, making this a great choice for people trying to reduce sugar in their diet or for anyone trying to eat a low carb diet to lose weight. Cocomels Monk Fruit comes from 100% monk fruit extract and has no fillers.

Low Carb Candies: How to calculate net carbs

For Keto dieters it’s all about the net carbs. If you are new to the keto world, calculating net carbs can be a little tricky. To calculate net carbs in your favorite Keto Candy when they aren’t listed on the label’s Nutrition Facts, here is the formula.

Sugar Free Caramels Nutrition Facts

As you can see from the label, our Sugar Free Caramels have:

  • 9 grams total carbs
  • 6 grams of fiber
  • 3 grams of allulose

Net Carb Calculation Steps

  1. Start with Total Carbs
  2. Subtract Fiber
  3. Subtract Allulose
  4. Remainder is Net Carbs

9g – 6g – 3g = 0g

Save sugar for dessert

At Cocomels, we believe in eating healthy and being aware of how much sugar you are consuming. Learn how you can save sugar for dessert by avoiding hidden sugar in everyday foods.

Original Sugar Free Caramels   Sugar Free Sea Salted Caramels

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